Platanitos Ecological Reserve

Directly East of Isla Tortuga lies the 1200 acre Platanitos Ecological Reserve. Established by decree of the Mexican Federal Government its purpose is to preserve this important wetland system of mangrove estuary.

Twice daily with the tides, this system fills with ocean water and then empties, providing a constant interchange of nutrients. These conditions provide the breeding grounds for a variety of fish, shrimp, and other organisms basic to the regeneration of ocean life.

The area flooded with each incoming tide covers a large portion of the Preserve.

This maintains miles of channels, lagoons, and mudflats which attract thousands of resident and migratory water birds.

Local species nest in the mangroves at the edges of the lagoons.

The entire area can be accessed from Isla Tortuga by canoe, kayak, as well as SUP.